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Our journey of opening the Health Hub Studio started over a hot drink and a casual conversation. During which, we realised that we shared similar values and goals when it came to health, lifestyle, fitness and empowering others.

In short, we want to contribute to making a difference in our community by offering a motivating, comfortable, and personalised programme to support our clients to live well and feel well.  

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Arna - Co- owner + Head Trainer
Core, Cardio, Running and Functional Circuit training. ( Currently on Maternity Leave)

  • NZ Reps Registered Personal Trainer

  • Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Childrens Training Certificate

  • Older Adults Training Certificate

  • Red Cross Comprehensive First Aid Certificate

  • Pelvic Floor Safe Instructor

  • SWET Wellington Group Fitness Trainer

  • Stirling Sports Run Club Coach

My core focus is to find what works for you, what you enjoy doing and the best form of exercise that will allow you to not only achieve your health and fitness goals but also improve your every day living. I am here to support, encourage and help you every step of the way. 


Mel - Co-owner + Head Trainer
Strength conditioning, Transformations, Functional Circuit training

  • NZ Reps Registered Personal Trainer

  • Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Childrens Training Certificate

  • Older Adults Training Certificate

  • St Johns Comprehensive First Aid Certificate

  • NZ Police Vetted

  • Young Guns Teen Group Fitness Trainer

  • Medical Centre Referrals Coach

I want to work with you to break down any barriers you may have, to see you grow in confidence, to see you empower yourself and to support you in discovering how to live to your highest potential, in body and in mind.


Fay Paula Ingrey - Personal Trainer

  • NZ Reps registered personal trainer

  • National Certificate in personal training - L4 (NZIHF)

  • Comprehensive first aid certificate - L! (St Johns)

  • Certified Metafit - HIIT Training instructor (Reps recognised)

  • Certified Puff Fitness PFR program provided (Reps Recognised)

  • Bootcamp Coach - Email to enquire. Bootcamps run Tuesdays and Thursdays 6am and Mondays and Thursdays Lunch time.

I came to the industry in 2017 with a back ground in competitive swimming along with other sports water based sports (water polo, surf life saving). My skills become transferable to sports coaching, which is something that I still continue to do in my own time to this day. Ultimately it was my love of coaching and training that first brought me to the industry. My main client base is women, although not exclusively, of all ages and stages. I am a mother of 3 myself and I believe helps me not only to understand females bodies and the physical adaptions of a women's body throughout different stages of life, but most importantly how our minds, emotions and hormones impact on our training and over all success when working towards our goals. I believe my own journey, experience and lifestyle transformation allows me connect with clients on a level required to really tap into what drives them to support and inspire them to reach their goals... and beyond, not only to achieve their physical goals but to shift their mindset and self-confidence. I specialise in post natal pelvic floor recovery for mums all stages post natal as well as high intensity interval training methods. I have done specialised training in both of these areas. I also incorporate different methods of aquatic based training options where appropriate to support injury recovery/management, mobility and obesity issues.

My preferred training methods include (but are not limited to) functional bodyweight training, HIIT, strength and hypertrophy (muscle growth) training, pelvic floor and core focused training, bootcamps, Metafit, water based training and swimming. I have been described as empathetic and supportive... but no push over! I am passionate about inspiring women to be great, to be role models and to love training... I want you to look and feel better than you ever have before!

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Nicola Lundon - Yoga Instructor (Private Sessions)

  • Yoga Instructor (200+ hours)

  • Wellington Seido Karate, Kaizen Academy (3rd Kyu, Green Belt)

Nic creates a tranquil, non-judgemental, nurturing space to bring a sense of balance to busy lives.

You will feel rejuvenated, strengthened, nourished and nurtured. No matter your ability or age, Nic will support & encourage you on your yoga journey.


 Rosa Bach - Nutritionist  

  • Associate Registration

  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Human Nutrition

  • Graduate Diploma in Science, Psychology

Rosa is a Nutritionist for people who need some help or inspiration with food [and sometimes just life!].

Through her blended education of Nutrition and Psychology, her understanding of the vital relationships we all have with food and our bodies’, and her sympathetic nature, she’s here to help you shake up your approach to wellness — while making it all feel like you’re just catching up with an old friend.                             https://rosabach.wordpress.com/


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Leti Avei - Mentor in Powerlifting

• Qualified Personal Trainer
• Qualified Powerlifting Coach (PA)
• Powerlifting Athlete of 10+ years
• Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
• Social Work and Mental Health Professional

Leti is excited to share his passion and knowledge of Powerlifting through his strength clinics which he has successfully delivered in Australia and New Zealand.

With a variety of movements that include compound, isolation and rehabilitation, the clinics will cater to all strength levels.

Spaces will be limited.