Health Hub is focussed on improving general wellbeing and working with people at all health and fitness levels.

We welcome clients in search of an exclusive environment to exercise in and to gain nutritional support. We welcome teens in search of a fitness programme, and individuals interested in strength and powerlifting clinics.

We also welcome and encourage balance with an investment in yoga, mobility and mindfulness.


Young Guns Teen Fitness

A fitness programme designed for 7 - 15 year olds (Year 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10) who are too young to attend a gym facility but want to enhance their skill set for sport or build their general fitness and confidence. 

It is fun and challenging while remaining safe and non-competitive.

The Young Guns classes focus on creating a healthy outlet for our youth, while providing messages of empowerment, self belief and body confidence (health and every size!), all whislt creating friendships through FUNctional fitness.

The programme works on developing strength, stamina, mobility, agility and conditioning exercises in a circuit type environment.

Young Guns, 11-15 year olds 
Year groups 7-10, 8-week course, $100 per child
Monday 4.15pm, 30-minute class (Boxing focussed circuit)
6th May - 24th June

Year groups 7-10, 8-week course, $120 per child
Wednesday 4.15pm, 45-minute class
8th May - 26th June (Overall fitness circuit)

Young Guns, 7-11 year olds 

Year groups 5-6, 8-week course, $80 per child
Wednesday 3.15pm, 30-minute class
8th May - 26th June (Overall fitness circuit)

Even if the block has started, feel free to enquire regarding any potential space.

Family rates available.

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Strength and Power Lifting Clinics

Leti will be sharing his extensive knowledge as a mentor in powerlifting, which will be run intermittently throughout the year.

The focus of each clinic is to discover your true strength potential and to breakdown and correct your technique in a Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

All fitness levels are welcome, and the session can be tailored accordingly.

Limited spaces available. Next clinic date to be advised.

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Rosa works with people who need a boost; who are over the struggle with food and [or] are in war with their body.

Rosa gives her clients the tools to have more freedom and power, while sprinkling in a little self-compassion.

Rosa will be available weekly:
Monday PM
Friday AM

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